Why Source FromApricot

Many companies are facing increasing cost pressures due to market forces, such as digital transformation, changing consumer behavior, or the move towards full implementation of regulatory compliance.In Marketing management long term cost-optimization asks for a systematic approach by analyzing how cost reductions will affect market success potential. One of the areas to significantly reduce costs without laying-off marketing people is to reduce the marketing production costs.Apricot offers a range of services dedicated to marketing & communication divisions, by providing a bridge between the outsourcing countries and Swiss clients.

Why source internationally?

For marketing divisions it is crucial to adapt to new technologies. This is required to measure the impact of activities and enable more client-centricity, which in turn improves the customer experience and helps to differentiate. But marketing production costs simply can and should not increase in direct proportion with a company’s growth. Apricot offers solutions to reducing production costs from the very start of a partnership

Our offer

Scaleable services provided by a well rehearsed team, either embedded within your company or as a stand-alone resource. From Creative Services and Corporate Publishing to strategic conception and marketing operations support.

You benefit from

An immediate substantial cost saving on delivered services

A high caliber local project manager as your single point of contact with strong leadership & management skills

Multi-cultural work experience enabling smooth collaboration within international/virtual organisations and understanding of different cultures

We can Help you

Cut your marketing production costs substantially

Bridge an employee shortage gap, a lack of resources during project development or leaves of absence

Provide a sounding board: exchange ideas, knowledge and experience with external sparring partners

Experience a new Performance based cost model - Now’s the time to change the game.

About us

We are a network of experts in the area of Business Development, Marketing and Communications, with a proven international and local performance record, offering expertise and linking between Switzerland and offshore countries.

What do we stand for?

With passion and commitment, we deliver high quality projects via open dialogue and trusted relationships, to maximize our client’s performance. For us Corporate Social Responsibility is not a just a buzzword, it is anchored in our values and the way we operate with our clients and partners.

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